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Aumenta la saturacion en tu juego para poder tener una mejor vision

RTCW Utilities Tools

Q3E Minimizer (1.51)
Name Maker Studio
Rcon Unlimited 1.0

SpawnTimer Script



1) Descomprimir la carpeta timer en su Directorio principal RTCW/Main

2) Ya dentro del juego poner exec timer/timer.cfg


Sirve para ver el SPWN ENEMIGO


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RtCW wolf_statisztika_1.15

Return to Castle Wolfeinstein - Statisztika 1.15

Using the software: 

  • Unzip the file. 
  • Run the wolf_stat.exe and use the Open log file button to open your "rtcwconsole.log" file.
  • You can save the logs (Save button) and Export stats to *.Html file (Export Html button). 
  • You can open the following extensions: *.log, *.evo. These file types are attachable to wolf_stat.exe!!! After attach you can open log file with only duble click.
  • When the program started the last opened file will automaticaly open. 
  • You can change the program languages with the "Language/Nyelv" button. 
  • The soft save automaticaly the opened log files to "temp"; dir. Somtimes erase this files (recommended). 
  • It's easy! 

OSP tables:
  • Kll: Total number of killed enemies
  • Dth: Total number of deaths caused by enemies 
  • Sui: Total number of suicides 
  • TK: Total number of Team Kills 
  • Eff: Overall Kill/Death efficiency: Kll/(Kll + Dth) 
  • GP: Game Points (bonuses scored): Score - Kll 
  • DG: Total damage given 
  • DR: Total damage received 
  • TD: Total damage inflicted on teammates


rtcwPro version competitiva para return to castle wolfenstein 2020 con antilag a diferencia de OSP.

OSP Tourney for Wolfenstein v0.9

In short, OSP is a "competion" mod. It changes no core aspects of the game (like weapon characteristics, changes in the class structure, etc.), rather, it enhances what already is there in the basic game. In addition to more controls for organized match play, OSP adds extras for casual play, such as weapon/match stats, enhanced voice-overs, helpful UI controls, more client options, etc.

Unzip the osp-wolf-0.9.zip in the root RtCW/directory